Permit Info

Code Enforcement, Permits, and Zoning Information:

The Grove City Borough Code Enforcement and Zoning Officer, Mr. Mike Beatty, is charged with handling all plan reviews, property complaints, and the issuing of all building-related permits.  The office of Code Enforcement is responsible for all new construction, including the site plan development of both commercial and residential properties as well as issuing permits for the following:

  • All Signage
  • Additions or remodeling other than structural repairs
  • Annual licenses required for eating and drinking establishments
  • Burning of yard waste
  • Installation of furnaces, air-conditioners, and accessory buildings (garages, etc.)
  • Occupancy of a building
  • Solicitation
  • Swimming pools -in ground our external
  • Contact the Code Enforcement Office with any questions

A number of permits are available online by scrolling down or clicking here

Grove City Borough Zoning Ordinance available here: Ordinance 1419 Zoning Regulations

Ordinance 1432 GC Borough Saldo

TND Design Manual for SALDO


Grove City Borough Zoning Map available here:  Zoning Map (For Website)

Schedule of Fees and Services

Office of Code Enforcement and Zoning:
Mr. Mike Beatty, Code Enforcement and Zoning Officer
123 W. Main Street, Grove City, PA  -724-458-7060 ext. 109
Officer hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Grove City Borough Planning Commission:
The Planning Commission determines the subdivision and land-use ordinances within the borough. It approves any zoning and development requests. The Grove City Borough Planning Commission consists of nine members and meets the first Thursday of every month.

Grove City Borough Zoning Hearing Board:
The Zoning Hearing Board reviews appeals of the zoning officer’s decision(s), requests for variances, and special exceptions.  The Grove City Borough Zoning Board consists of five appointed members and meets the second Wednesday of every month.

Downloadable Permits and Information

Note: For All Grove City Borough Building Permit Applications the following forms must be included:

  1. GC Borough Application for Zoning Permit (submit to GC Borough)
  2. GC Borough Uniform Construction Permit Application (submit to GC Borough)
  3. GC Borough Certification of Worker’s Compensation (submit to GC Borough)
    The following worksheets may also be used or required if applicable:
  4. GC Borough Deck Plan Submittal
  5. GC Borough Porch and Roof Submittal
  6. GC Borough Cross Section Submittal


Other Permit and Zoning Forms:

Permit applications not listed here are easily obtained by visiting the Grove City Borough Office.